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1981 CBX
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1981 Brochure
My 81 CBX posing for a magazine cover

Somewhere in Eastern Oregon

A Dave Gaines photo



Gone to a good home in a hangar with three CX650 turbos


I bought this CBX as a retirement present in 1991.  Since I don't ride the 82, I needed a Pro-Link to ride.  I like the Magnum Silver better than the 82's white.  I have ridden this bike about 60,000 miles.  It has a Corbin seat, Race Tech fork, and a Progressive shock.  It is well suited for long distance riding.  This picture was taken in Wickensburg, AZ in the Spring of 2000.  The saddle bags are off the bike because I was cleaning them prior to meeting the Dali Lama of CBXs (Stan Carpenter, founder of the I.C.O.A.).

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