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1982 CBX

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1982 Brochure

CBX as it sat in our Family Room

Just 2.1 miles

I bought this CBX in 1991 with only 2.1 miles on the machine.  That's right, 2.1 miles.  And it still has 2.1 miles.  If you look it over carefully, it looks just as clean and new as a brand new motorcycle - because it is.  Except for the ride home to storage, this CBX has not been on the road in the 20 plus years it has been in existence.  Some might call say it's a waste of a good machine.  Perhaps it is.....

The U.S. 101 sign was found lying along the road after somebody knocked it down one foggy night.  Ann said it would look good on the wall behind the bike, so there it hangs.  Occasionally, I dust the bike, and perform simple maintenance like flushing the brake fluid, and turning the motor over by hand.

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In Early 2006, I sold this CBX to my friend Tony.  He drove down with a specially fitted canopy for his truck so  the X could ride to it's new home in Canada safe and dry.
Out of the house Nice and snug Buttoning it up

Morro Bay 2009
Prep to check air filter Parking Lot Oil Change Pouring in the new Dino
The Trip Home - AMAZING!
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