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1980 CBX

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1980 CBX Brochure
       This is my 1980 CBX, bought new in March 1981.

It was my the first CBX, the one that started the craziness for me.  It's performance was nothing short of fantastic.  Zero to 100 mph in about 10 seconds provided a real rush.  I toured to Canada, the Grand Canyon, and all around California on it.  It still resides in my garage, ready for a new adventure.

Stock 6into2 Exhaust

CLASS at Sears Point

Pipemaster 6into6
Up the hill at Sears

Offroad to Death Valley
Theirry & family

Kerker 6into2 Exhaust
D&D 6into1 Exhaust
  PipeMaster 6 into 6 exhaust - Kerker 6 into 2 exhaust 2004
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