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The Workhorse

Where it all began, my brand new 2014 Edge Limited from Mills McCoy Ford dealer in Fullerton - January 2, 2014

It would soon have white personalized plates PSR EDGE.  When the black and orange 1960s Legacy plates became available I made the switch.  You'll see them below. 
When I decided I didn't need my F250 anymore and gave it to my nephew Scott, I bought this SUV.  I actually wanted a white one, because it would sit out.  Leif showed me this black one; it had features I wanted, higher than a car, push button start, and memory.  These last two features were on my ZO6 Corvette, necessities for me.  Also, it didn't have rails on the roof, which I always think look like sled runners if the vehicle turns over.  HaHa!
It also had cruise control, navigation, a panoramic moon roof, which was nice, but wasn't important at the time - I quickly came to love that feature.  It had a 3.5 liter V6, with 285 horsepower, 6-speed automatic Select-Shift transmission that could be shifted with a switch on the shift lever.  It was a very nice car, quiet, decent handling, and fast enough but not much power on the bottom end.  Like a CBX motorcycle, if I wanted to accelerate quickly, it had to be in a lower gear.

 In early November I watched a video on the CarProUSA's website of Reza Elahi, one of the Ford Engineers instrumental in developing the ST  Reza's ST Introduction Video, and thought, "that could be the car for me".

While we were in Fullerton for Thanksgiving, Dan told me the local Ford dealer had a couple of STs in stock.  Late in the afternoon of Thanksgiving eve, I said to Ann, I'm going to LOOK at the new ST, do you want to come.  We went to the Ken Grody  dealership in Buena Park.  I told Anthony who greeted us as we walked up to the door I  was interested in the ST. He only had a grey one, Magnetic in Ford speak.  I looked it over inside and out, and liked it, but it wasn't black.  I declined a test drive because it was getting dark.  Anthony had me fill out a simple 5 line credit app., Ann said she couldn't believe I was doing that.  I told her it's OK.  Of course, I was approved but  I wanted a black one, with the $2,700 performance brake package, which wasn't in stock.  Anthony said they had one coming in from the factory which would take about a month, and they would also try to locate one at a nearby dealer so the wait wouldn't be as long.  I wasn't in a hurry, so that was fine.  Oh, one more thing - I got Anthony to get approval for free delivery to our home when my car arrived at the dealership. 
I signed the papers on November 21st, the new ST arrived at 1AM December 3rd.
December 2nd was an exciting day.  Anthony called and told me the car left the dealership at around 3 o'clock that afternoon.  Anthony made sure the driver had my phone number, and he gave me the driver's.  I knew it would be at least 9 that evening before he arrived in Cameron Park.  The driver called me about 8 o'clock from Paso Robles!  I knew it was at least a 5 hours away, so Ann and I settled in for a very late night.  The driver said he could make the delivery at 5 AM the next morning, but I told him I had a 7:30 Physical Therapy appointment and that would cut it too close for me.  At 1:00AM, we heard a truck pull up across the street.  Looking out, there was my Edge, on the trailer.    

A 2019 black ST without the performance brake package - note silver brake calipers

My new 2019 ST has just arrived at Ken Grody Ford in Buena Park

Interior still protected with plastic

The Monroney

Here are both Edges in our driveway
2019 & 2014

The black 21" wheels with Pirelli P-Zero tires and the red brake calipers are part of the performance brake package.
The black grill is one of the identifying features of the ST. 

Good Bye faithful Edge

At Cameron Park Lake

The exciting feature of the ST is the twin turbo direct gas injection 2.7 liter V6.  This amazing power plant delivers 335 horsepower, and more impressive, 380 foot pounds at a relatively low 3,250 rpm.

This chart is taken from the 2019 Ford Edge ST Supplement



Configuration 2.7 DOHC 4V GTDI V6, cast iron cylinder block, and cast aluminum cylinder heads
Bore & Stroke 3.3 in (83mm) bore X 3.2677 in (83mm) stroke
Displacement 164 in³ (2,694 cm³)
Compression Ratio 10:1
Horsepower 335 hp @ 5,500 RPM on 93 octane
Torque 380 lb-ft @ 3250 RPM on 93 octane
Redline 6250 RPM continuous
6500 RPM three-second overspeed
Specific Output 124 horsepower per liter
Valvetrain Twin independent variable cam timing
Ignition Coil on plug
Throttle Body 2.2 inch (57mm)
Fuel System 250 bar fuel pump§
Pistons Cast aluminum
Crankshaft Alloy Steel
Connecting Rods Alloy Steel
Turbo Single scroll / 21 psi max boost*
Exhaust System 2.5 in (63.5mm)  diameter

* SAE Certified Performance ratings are achieved with 19.5 psi but up to 21 psi can be delivered to maximize power depending on fuel quality and atmosphere conditions.
§ 1 bar = 14.5038 psi, 250 bar = 3625.94 psi


Interior Features

The round knob on the center console is the gear shift selector for the 8 speed Select Shift transmission.  You just turn the knob for Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive.  In the middle is the S button - see next photo for an explanation of the Sport mode.
Behind the shift knob is the Electric Parking brake switch, then the engine Auto-Start-Stop switch, the Active Park Assist switch, and a switch to turn off Parking Warning notification.  Click the link to see how to defeat the Auto-Start-Stop feature:  Auto-Stop-Start Eliminator, and scroll down for an installation video.  I had to watch the disassembly of the console a few times before I was ready to "destroy" my new car.  It actually went exactly as shown, and Auto-Stop-Start is defeated unless I want to activate it with the switch.

Ford image

Ford interior shots of a Blue ST, the interior is identical to my ST

Heated and cooled 10 way power front seats

The car is so well insulated for sound that I thought the horn was defective.  When tooted, it gave off a sick, low frequency note.  In fact, the windshield and front door windows have SoundScreen, which blocks noise very effectively.  When outside the car, the horn sounds very effective.

A look at the engine

Photo of a display at Folsom Lake Ford - the FOB is mine to show the size of the rod/piston assembly

Unique shape of piston head optimized for direct gas injection

Main engine block is made of compacted graphite iron, same material as used in diesel engines for strength.  Aluminum ladder frame supports the block, encloses oil and coolant.

Another view of the 2.7 engine - probably from an F150 with that oil cooler left of the oil filter

Not on the Edge,  is like the fuel pump that supplies fuel to the direct injectors at ~3,600 psi

This is the back bank of the V6 showing the turbocharger bolted directly to the exhaust port on the head, diaphragm controlled waste gate and linkage

The "front" or right side of the engine, orange caps protect the intake and outlet sides of the turbocharger

Intake air is drawn into the side of the turbocharger with the orange cap over it

Cutaway of the 8 speed transmission.  Output is the chain driven unit to the right.

Front side of transmission.  The relays control shifts, are immersed in transmission fluid (oil)

These are the turbo-chargers with s

This picture explains how boost is controlled to prevent damaging overboost

The Ford power and torque shown in red, GM pushrod engine in green

How it all fits together

2.7 Liter twin turbo V6 on an engine stand


Photos of my ST

My ST's first time out to Cars & Coffee Folsom - from a Facebook posting

Under the hood - Beauty cover in place

Beauty cover close-up

This and the following 4 photos show what the beauty cover is hiding - Intake manifold in center.  The throttle body is the silver object to the left

Intake pipe leading to the 2.2 inch throttle body.  Cam phasers are controlled by solenoids by the oil filler cap, rear head has the same setup.  Cam timing is adjusted on the fly to give good power throughout the engine operating range.

Airbox on the right houses the air filter - the two hoses lead to the two turbo chargers, one per cylinder bank.

Another view showing the maze of wire and hoses for engine control.


Ford has invited us to attend ST SUV Experience in Park City, Utah.   We're looking forward to driving their vehicles at Soldier Hollow. 

We are looking forward for a Road Trip in the ST!



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