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2007 Corvette ZO6


Whether it's hauling a single motorcycle, a trailer loaded with five motorcycles, plus one in the bed, a load of rocks for the landscape project, or a trip to the desert to relax, this truck does the job.  I towed the trailer to West Virginia and a year later to Calgary, Canada.  With a load like that, you plan for the hills, and drive accordingly.  Unloaded, with it's 460 cubic inch engine, it will run with just about anybody (except Corvettes of course) up hill or down, on the freeway or a twisty mountain road.  I have discovered that it is speed limited to 105 mph!  The computer takes over and won't let it go any faster.  Ford Motor Co. says that's fast enough.  This truck is nicely equiped with automatic overdrive transmission, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and door locks, remote entry, and power mirrors!  It also has the camper/trailer towing package, consisting of super duty cooling system, heavy duty springs, and handling package (no kidding!), and a  trailer wiring harness.  It is rated at 8,800 lbs. G.V.W.R. so it has no air bagsJ.
Ann says it's as easy to drive as her Honda Civic!
In traffic, this is the vehicle of choice.  Sitting in my Corvette, my eyes are below the keyhole in the truck's door.  Sitting in the Truck, I can see above most of the vehicles around me, making it much easier to negotiate through traffic.  Not a vehicle to make anybody Oooohh or Aaaaaah, it is truly a workhorse.  I like it!

Hauling a CBX motorcycle

Near Rhyolite, Nevada

Omaha, Nebraska, homeward bound from West Virginia


Wrote a check and it was mine - that felt good

In early 2014 I decided to buy a replacemet for my faithful F250.  Scott wanted a truck capable of pulling the new boat he planned to buy, so we struck a deal.  Instead of my fixing a few minor issues, and selling the truck, I gave it to Scott so he could fix those issues as he had time.

Scott ready to take the truck home

Same two guys, closer look

Scott is a very happy guy

The new boat - WOW!!

First outing with the boat


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