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Watch Denny Daugherty rail through turn 9 at about 110 mph at Infineon Raceway - the old Sears Point

My collection of 5 CBX motorcycles can be seen here.  


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In 1978 Honda decided to stun the motorcycle world by producing a 6 cylinder, 24 valve, 6 carburetor 1047cc Super Bike.  The first model to reach the United States was a 1979.  It was a bare motorcycle as were most at the time.  Although it had scintillating performance, easily the fastest production motorcycle available, it didn't sell well.  It returned as a 1980 model, slightly detuned but similar in appearance.  After another year of disappointing sales, it was completely revamped as a Sport Touring bike with a fairing and small saddle bags.  After two more years of non-sales, Honda discontinued the motorcycle.  Four years, four different models, and now there are no more.
Sound clip:  My thanks to Eric Schreiner and his pristine 1979 CBX!

From 2000 to 2004 Tom Nimeyer and his crew in Houston, TX built and ran a CBX at Bonneville.  Here is Tom's story:  LINK



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  I have dedicated this section to my friend, and fellow CBX rider, Pete Ahrens.  Pete served admirably as Publisher of the CBXpress magazine, and was the first CBX Club web master.  Pete posted many of the favorite rides of the west coast CBXers on his personal web site, West Coats CBX. 

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I hope you enjoy Pete's web as much as I do.
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