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XK120 Jaguar Road Test
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This Road & Track road test is dated February 5, 1953.  It was copied from the Road Test Annual dated 1956.
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 On June 11, 1961, I took my Jaguar to a drag strip in Oroville.  My Air Force buddy Bill Verboon took his '59 Corvette too.  I don't remember Bill's time, but I am sure it was quicker than my Jag.  Shortly after, I bored the engine to 3.8 liters and gained significant horse power, but the Corvette always beat it at the top end.  The timing slip from Oroville is to the left.  Notice my time (16.42 sec.) is slightly quicker than the road test car (16.66 sec.), while the speed is very similar, 85.71 mph for my car, and mid-80s for the magazine test car.  However, the road test car had a 3.77 rear axle ratio, and mine had 3.54 - taller, and therefore slower.  But my car wasn't slower! 

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